A Note on Evolv LifeBar “Blooming”

EvolvHealth has had 3 different labs test done on our LifeBars for mold and bacteria and the tests all came back confirming what we already knew: The bars are safe to eat! The white areas were “Coconut Oil blooms” — the lab informed us that the blooming happens due to fluctuations in temperature. We generally see the mistaken mold complaints happening during the winter (when the temperatures cold enough to turn the Coconut Oil white — anyone who’s ever owned a jar of coconut oil in the South will confirm, the CO is solid white in winter, clear and liquid in the heat of summer!). This is due to the melting point of Coconut Oil being so close to average room temperature — even body heat alone or a slightly warmer room temperature is enough to dissipate it. See this post by a Dr. Bruce Fife, who addressed this question regarding a popular brand of coconut oil: http://www.naturepacific.com/page/34/learn-about-coconuts-why-does-virgin-coconut-oil-crystallize-and-become-solid – or follow this link to learn a little more about what a bloom is and why it happens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolate_bloom

At Evolv, we chose not to add “bloom inhibitors” to the Evolv LifeBar formula since the inhibitors are synthetic, and go against our philosophy of the most natural food health solutions available. Because your confidence in our products is important to us, however, we did reduce the amount of coconut oil, added sunflower butter and tocopherols (Vitamin E, a natural food preservative) some time ago. We did this to help minimize the blooming appearance as we do understand it can be distressing to some to see, even if it is confirmed to be harmless. And the Vitamin E as a natural preservative does add an extra layer of protection against mold for those who are still concerned after reading this article. You can also store your bars in the refrigerator or freezer for your own peace of mind, though we remind you that a cold bar is more likely to show a bloom if there is one to be found. As Dave Skinner noted, treat your Evolv food products like natural food products — because that’s what they are!

Here’s a simple at-home test you can do:

Warm up the bar for 5 seconds in the microwave or by touching the affected area with your finger for 5-15 seconds. Warmth will melt the Coconut Oil bloom and it will disappear, melting back into your bar.

If anyone is still concerned about the quality of their LifeBars after reading this article, please understand health is our top priority! Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service. Our MSAs will be more than happpy to send you a replacement: (888) 280-9555 or info@evolvhealth.com.

We hope this helps clear things up. Happy Rebooting, everyone!

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